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Better Business Outcomes

DBMT - Practical AI /Cx Consulting Solutions Provider

DB Marketing Technologies is a Business Outcomes Enablement Agency delivering Cx Excellence and  and AI Enablement solutions to our clients.


We specialize in marketing process and practices design, AI and Large Language Model (LLM) applications, marketing automation, data stewardship, and analytics. with best in class AI support and Cx solutions. We specialize in Cx process and practices design, AI and Large Language Model (LLM) application, marketing automation, data stewardship, and analytics.  DB Marketing Technologies works closely with CMOs, CTOs, marketers, brand managers, technologists, market researchers and other senior executives to improve the performance and measurement of customer focused channels through better use of platforms, process and people. DBMT's issue-specific and enterprise solutions have helped companies achieve measurable and sustainable success.

DBMT Services

DBMT(R) is your trusted partner in customer experience (Cx) management. We help advise and support your omnichannel and digital marketing initiatives, AI and LLM applications, marketing automation, marketing data stewardship, and analytics.

DBMT ensures Digital Marketing initiatives are working and continually improving, providing essential transformation guidance, methods and actionable deliverables. Our expert resources have significant domain expertise in marketing automation capabilities assessment and design, selection/negotiation, solution and vendor benchmarking and transformation leadership.

DBMT helps you build AI/LLM solutions that empower your staff, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Using DBMT(R) KnowS(SM) methodology, we curate, clean and structure your information to serve as the basis for ready access to knowledge, optimized transformative tasks and SME self-service.


DBMT's AI Services are rooted in our unique Practical AI solution, 

DBMT’s KnowledgeBot (SM) is the assistant analyst you always wanted. It saves you time and money by giving you and your team instant access to critical institutional knowledge. The DBMT KnowledgeBot(SM) lets you ask questions of your documents, deliverables, emails, and manuals in a chat-type interface, using our OpenAI and deliver concise and complete answers to you and your colleagues instantly. 

Customer Experience Solutions & Services

Taking your business to the next level

DB Marketing Technologies is a Business Outcomes Enablement Agency that has distinguished itself by providing expert resources with significant domain expertise in Cx quality elevation and friction elimination,  marketing automation capabilities assessment and design, selection/negotiation, solution and vendor benchmarking, and transformation leadership.  We leverage our extensive experience in these areas to provide our clients with unparalleled visibility into the marketplace — including benchmarking of pricing and capabilities, first-hand knowledge of vendor and solution success with companies similar to our clients, and proactive application of best practices.  Each DBMT resource is equipped with the knowledge and methodologies that maximize value and ensure ongoing success.


DB Marketing Technologies provides the solutions and domain expertise you need:

  • DBMT ensures Digital Marketing initiatives are working and continually improving

    • Providing essential transformation guidance, methods and actionable deliverables

    • Optimization of people, process, technology and data to produce actionable insights, meet business objectives and improve marketing/sales effectiveness

  • DBMT's End-to-end domain expertise in making Digital Marketing solutions work for businesses

    • Expertise and skills bridging strategy and technology

    • Cross-industry expertise

    • Solution- and technology-agnostic engagement, choosing the best solution for our clients regardless of brand

    • Organizational alignment and phasing to improve adoption, satisfaction and overall value of Digital Marketing investments

Cx Quality Improvement & Eliminating Friction

Enterprise Customer Experience (Cx) is the comprehensive and holistic result of company efforts impacting every aspect of a customer's perception, emotions, and relationships with a company, its products, services, and brand, throughout their entire lifecycle. Delivering world-class Cx is as much about actively eliminating friction (sub-optimal to downright unpleasant customer interactions) as it is about building bespoke customer-facing elements that elevate the customer interaction and build loyalty.  To eliminate friction in Cx, company resources must not only have an enterprise view of Cx to see where friction exists, but also have the capabilities to act holistically.

Read on,,,

Customer Experience 
Ecosystem Design & Roadmap

DBMT(R) designs a future state architecture and ecosystem that achieves client objectives and meets best practices.  DBMT then develops a roadmap that elucidates the path from current state to the desired future state including granular phasing.

Customer Experience Audit

DBMT(R) performs a detailed analysis of the people, processes and technologies and performs an assessment of the gap between current state and industry best practices.  Deliverables include assessments across multiple digital marketing foundational competencies.


Typical outcomes include:

  • Cost reduction

  • Increased capability

  • Improved efficiency

  • Better decision making

Customer Experience Transformation

DBMT(R) provides support throughout the Customer Experience Transformation Process, from Vendor Selection/RFP through Solution Design/Build to Implementation and Testing.   


Vendor Selection

DBMT(R) incorporates a robust vendor selection and benchmarking approach during the RFP process and ensures that pricing, terms and conditions to engage the selected vendor are structured and optimized to ensure success and ongoing value for clients. 


Contracting and Negotiation

DBMT(R) benchmarks pricing and scope as a guide during negotiations.  Following contracting, DBMT ensures that the team selection and requirements transition are performed to provide a foundation for a successful implementation.

Operating Model Design

DBMT(R) works with marketing teams and other stakeholders to define an operating model that will govern use, operation and deliverables for marketing automation across partners and capabilities.  The resulting operating model maximizes the benefits of the marketing automation capability.


DBMT(R) works with vendors and client teams to transition marketers and brands into the future state model and capabilities.  DBMT will train stakeholders in the new operating model and process needed to ensure a successful roll-out.


AI / LLM Services

Turning AI into Knowledge Domains that Serve You

To achieve cost-efficiencies and speedy access to critical institutional knowledge,  your AI/LLM infrastructure must sit within a defined Knowledge Domain - a defined and curated set of knowledge objects that are relevant, clean and well structured.


DBMT offers a suite of services to help business develop AI/LLM solutions with the best and most cost-effective Knowledge Domains. Using DBMTs KnowS (SM) methodology, our clients get:

  • A Strictly Defined Domain that improves the quality and relevance of output.

  • Source Gathering, incorporating documents, emails, transcripts and interviews ensuring  that assumptions and supplemental information is incorporated into the domain.

  • Non Explicit Vocabulary and Assumption Identification that drives how questions and answers are perceived by team members.

  • Information Cleaning that flags potentially conflicting information and avoids over-emphasizing introductory information, ensuring that information is properly weighted for relevancy.

DBMT's Suite of  Knowledge-Driven AI/LLM Services
Strategy and Planning: Use Case Definition Services


  • Use Case Definition

  • Business Case

  • Cost and Technology Requirements


  • Structured Projects and Experiments

Operational Development: Activated Knowledge


  • Loaded Vector Stores with API or Chat-Based Interfaces

  • Deployable Fine-Tuned Models

  • Infrastructure for Human Feedback loops


  • Ready to Deploy AI Projects (Hosted or Onsite)

Operational Development: Curating Knowledge Domains


  • Complete Set of Knowledge Developed from Client Documents.

  • Knowledge Preparation (Deduping., Splitting, Conflict Resolution)

  • Structured Knowledge for Vector Stores


  • Ready-to-Implement Data for AI Projects

Operational Development: Structural Contextual Data


  • Linked, Vectorized and Structured Data Sets.

  • Training set output from Domains of Knowledge


  • Clean and Processed Inputs for Training and Contextual Projects

Business Systems Integration: Functional Integration


  • Assisted or Direct Implementation to Knowledge Interfaces


  • Integration to Existing AI Infrastructure

DBMT(R) KnowledgeBot(SM)

DBMT(R) KnowledgeBot(SM)

DBMT’s KnowledgeBot (SM) is the assistant analyst you always wanted. It saves you time and money by giving you and your team instant access to critical institutional knowledge. The DBMT KnowledgeBot(SM) lets you ask questions of your documents, deliverables, emails, and manuals in a chat-type interface, using our OpenAI and deliver concise and complete answers to you and your colleagues instantly. 

Institutional Knowledge in an Instant

Ask and Answered

With a DBMT KnowledgeBot (SM), you can get the exact information you need instantly from deliverables, reports, manuals, emails - any content loaded into the bot - just by asking for it.


Well Trained

DBMT ensures that necessary documents are entered, and the bot is trained to deliver the information you need easily. In addition, the bot gives you a clickable bullet listing of any related information so that you can get additional insights that you didn't even know you had.

The Specifics

DBMT KnowledgeBot(SM) is an end-to-end solution providing real-time, Activated Knowledge to company employees. It offers:

  • Chat interface to knowledge domains used to extract information or as a Subject Matter Expert replacement.

  • Role-based prompt optimization to tailor responses for enterprise roles.

  • Integrated history response to edit and augment the Knowledge Domain with best responses.

  • Activated Knowledge and SME support, so your employees get the information they need faster, and SMEs can work more efficiently. no longer needed to answer institutional knowledge questions.

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About Us

Business Outcomes Enablement Specialists

DB Marketing Technologies was founded in 1999 as an agency with the express purpose of helping companies better understand who their customers are by defining and measuring the customer experience and using better and more accurate data management and analytic techniques, leading to such innovations as DBMT KnowS  (SM) an AI-based agency services solution to retain and maximize Cx Quality, institutional knowledge domains, DBMT KnowledgeBot (SM) an AI-based technology solution to house and instantly retrieve your team's critical information, DBMT Roadmap (TM), DBMT Vendor ScoreCard (TM), DBMT's AnalyticCRM(R) services, DBMT's PracticalCRM(R) methodology to optimize existing client resources, DBMT's Rolling Multiple Cohort Methodology(TM), and PatientScape(TM). 


At DBMT(R), we address every point of risk and opportunity in the Cx continuum. We not only identify if there are any breaches in your Cx architecture, but also make immediate fixes. We make sure our clients get the business outcomes they need.


In addition, DBMT(R) vendor and architectural alignment projects routinely saves its large corporate clients at least $1,000,000 a year in fees, unnecessary operating expenses, and time saved. That’s real money that you can then reallocate to other parts of your department - giving you more cash for people, campaigns, and technology.


Client Testimonials

Director, Marketing Solutions, Operations and Insights Bristol-Myers Squibb

“Hiring DB Marketing Technologies has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my career. Since DBMT and I began working together, I have been able to make tremendous progress on several initiatives. Their expertise in the database management field is vast and their ability to weave a story by tying minute detail to big picture is truly unique. DBMT is a trusted advisor and I have gained credibility and respect as a direct result of my association with them.”

Brand Director
Roche Laboratories 

"DB Marketing Technologies has enabled us to answer the important questions. The combination of the intelligence of their staff, clear analytic approach, and ability to both document and execute on their findings has enabled us to make many important marketing decisions. 

DBMT’s expertise in using data to both improve marketing performance and calculate dollar return for marketing spend has been invaluable to my team.

By working together with our ad agency and all vendor/partners involved in the promotional effort, DBMT is able to better align the total promotional effort, ensuring that there is no project overlap, serving to lower our overall spend and increase the return on investment."

Senior Promotions Manager

"Clearly, this was one of the most comprehensive and well-articulated evaluations of the Nexium database infrastructure that AZ has received. In addition, DBMT’s evaluation led to critical cost savings for the year.

"Clarity of approach, technical expertise, thoroughness of communications, and affable personnel made interaction easy. DBMT also has a clear understanding of the importance of listening to the client and helping to identify client needs and issues. 

"Unlike the approach all too often pushed by consultants to force fit a ‘canned’ model or provide a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ plan without validating the ability of implementation, DBMT recommendations were provided with a realistic sense of where the business is to-date and what is truly feasible for the future." 


Our Client List

Boehringer Ingelheim
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Novo Nordisk 

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